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Die richtige Temperatur

Wohltemperiert genießen - damit Zunge und Nase zu ihrem Recht kommen

It is the the right temperature that

puts the wine into the position, to unfold its gustatory potential. The rule, to serve red wine warm and white wine cool, often leads to red wines being served overly warm and white wines too cool. Both mistakes bring about loss of taste: an overly high temperature makes the smell of alcohol emerge too strongly, a temperature, being too low, prevents the scent from proper unfolding. Also the gustatory papillae on the tongue are sensitive to temperature. The flavours sweet and sour are being perceived more distinctively with high temperatures, bitter nuances with lower temperatures. In general: the more simple the wine’s quality, the cooler it may be served. The more complex and of higher quality the wine, the warmer the serving temperature. 

Thermometer "Manschette"Thermometer "Metallhülle"Thermometer "Tonne"
Carbonated wines

like Prosecco, sparkling wine or champagne must be served cool, otherwise they have the effect of being stale. The coolness emphasizes its fruity character. High quality champagnes may be tempered like white wines.
Serving temperature and drinking temperature

Is the wine poured, it quickly adapts to the temperature of the room. Meaning: in order that not merely the first sip accentuates the full gustatory experience, it should be served about two degrees below its ideal drinking temperature. With high temperatures, the temperature of the wine may also rise. The difference between both of them, should amount to about ten degrees, with red wine. On hot days, white wine may be enjoyed one to two degrees cooler.
Wine temperation

Wine should be cautiously brought to the right temperature. The one, who tempers wine in the frozen food compartment or in the microwave, lays violent hands upon it! When red wine is stored in the cellar, it should be slowly brought to drinking temperature before serving. A white wine can be tempered slowly in the refrigerator or in the wine bucket with water or ice. 
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