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Stillvolles Servieren - keine Geheimniskrämerei

The classy wine enjoyment begins with the service. There should be paid attention to some basic rules, which do not represent any secret rituals, but rather have their reasons.

The wine bottle is being opened at the table. Initially, the capsule is being cut well below the bottle’s mouth. This should prevent the wine from running over the cutting edge and giving off some taste withal.

Underneath the capsule, there might be mould. That is an indication, that the bottle has been stored in a moist cellar. The mould neither affects the quality of the cork, nor of the wine. 
Weine servieren

When the cork is pulled, one should smell it. Faulty corks smell intensively, healthy corks smell either neutral or like wine. If the cork breaks away, once more the corkscrew should be applied cautiously. If thereby crumbs fall into the wine, these are being poured away, with the firstly poured out drops.
Drip ring, high grade steel

This convenient ring does not only hold back drops, but also offers a place for the cork.
Wine spout

Elegantly and classy pouring.
Der Allrounder
Patent Wine Stopper

Handyman: pours out, ventilates and closes, all in one.

Firstly, the host pours some wine into the glass, to check if it is cork-sick, respectively if it is free of flaws. Or he might ask another person at the table, if he wants to verify the wine. After this, he pours all the guests glasses and at last pours his own glass. A good host cares about his guests, so that their not being left stranded.
Tropfring, versilbert
Drip ring, silver-plated

Elegant and convenient: Thus, no drop stains the tablecloth.

Drip-free pouring out: The Drop-Stop is simply being coiled up – tucked into the bottle neck.

Holds back the carbon dioxide: sparkling wine stays fresh and pearling.

The glass is poured to one-third, glasses with great volume only to one-fourth.This mostly marks the broadest point of the glass .The reason is: in order that the bouquet may unfold, the wine needs enough oxygen. Sparkling wine flutes are poured half to three-fourth. The rule, holding the wine glass by the stem, not by the body has its reason: this should prevent that the warmth of the hand raises the temperature of the wine.

Convenient closure for wine bottles.

Reasonable: closes sparkling wine bottles despite carbon dioxide pressure.

Design-closure: convenient and pretty looking.

You don’t drink wine to quench your thirst, you enjoy it in small sips, keep it on your tongue and let it linger. For the thirst, a glass of water is being passed.

A change of the wine in the course of the menu is of high standard. Before the lunch, an appetizer, then white wine, afterwards red wine. There can also be passed two red or white wines. Finally, a dessert wine is suitable. When you change from white to red wine, the glasses have to be changed also. It’s the same with the dessert wine. If two similar red or white wines are served, the used glass may be retained.
Bottle Pal
Bottle Pal

The gel cuff cools or warms beverages – depending on if it had been put in the icebox or in hot water before.
Elegance, transparent
Elegance, transp.

Transparent thermo-cooler: Thus, the label stays visible.
Elegance, poliert
Elegance, polished

Thermo-cooler made of high-grade stainless steel for elegant enjoyment.

Thermo-cooler made of high-grade steel with convenient knobs.
Wine cooler

Before usage, the wine cooler is being watered – the wine is being cooled through evaporation.
Aluminium Cooler

Classic and sparing: The sparkling wine is cooled on ice.

Sparkling wine ice bucket: sparkling wine and champagne, but also white wine gain the right temperature in the ice bucket. It is filled with ice cubes and water. Even white wines can be tempered gently in the bucket.

Wines are being stored horizontally. Old wines should be standing upright two days before being served, so that the deposit sinks to the ground. During slow pouring, mind that no deposit gets in the glass.

Further accessories:
Butler Elephant

Wine should be enjoyed. For the thirst, water is passed: mineral water carafe with a glass.

Did the cork fall into the bottle? The three metal arms of the Corklifter grab the cork during pulling.
Pumpe Vinesaver

The pump sucks the air from opened wine bottles and thus prevents the oxidation.
Butler Elephant
Butler Elephant

Modern Design: Bottle rack made of metal.
Bottle rocker

Bottle rocker made of acrylic.

Futuristic bottle rack made of chromed metal.
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