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The country

Italy is considered the cradle of viticulture. From here, originate some of the world’s best wines. Winegrowing is practically practised everywhere in Italy. The most important regions are Piemont, Tuscany, Veneto, Apulia and Sicily. With a yearly production of about 60 million hectolitres wine, Italy is top-rated in the worldwide wine production
The winegrowing

Manifold and full of character are Italy’s wines. One preserves the tradition and don’t flinch from new technique. By new methods of fermentation, like the cold fermentation, tangy and fresh white wines (type Pinot Grigio) came into being that implemented the success of Italian wines in Germany. The red wines leave nothing to be desired, whether light, or fruit-accentuated or strong, Italy’s winegrowing regions, may cover the whole spectrum.
The future

Today, one should not talk anymore about the decline in quality between the wines from the North and from the South of Italy. Excellent qualities had been recently produced in the South: the winegrowers have made efforts, to improve their wines: no more vines can be found, that grow in mixed cultivation with olive and fruit trees. The vines are planted separately, depending on variety, gathered separately and pressed. The greatest quality leap the temperature control has made during fermentation. Wine enjoyers may be pleased.