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Über Ostrau - Stark im Osten

Wein- und Sektkellerei Ostrau is located in Ostrau/Saxony, in close proximity to the traffic axis Dresden-Leipzig: a fitting location for a young, flexible and efficient bottling plant for wine and spirits.

With 55.000 sqm, Wein- und Sektkellerei Ostrau is one of the largest wineries in Germany. The Company ist certified according to the international Food Standard (IFS) as well as the BRC Global Standard - Food and follows the HACCP-rules. Both regulations ensure continuous improvement in production and at the same time allow a benchmarking-system for the selection of suppliers.


Around the clock, wines are delivered by truck. In parallel, analytical and sensory tests of bulk wine are completed in our own laboratory, to fulfill guidelines and requirements - also as an important contribution to consumer health protection.

Employing the newest technology, Wein- und Sektkellerei Ostrau uses experienced cellar technology. The extremely modern steel storage tanks contain 6.5 million litres, the total warehouse covers 11.500 sqm, and the finished product storeroom measures another 10.000 sqm. Several shifts on three modern filling lines make it possible to fill 104 million bottles per year in Ostrau: wines from Europe and overseas, as well as beverages containing wine and mixed drinks based on spirits.

Our modern storeroom for finished products allows us to deliver the goods at short notice and with the greatest flexibility to our national and international trade partners.